ETB920,000 Fancy a PhD Scholarship in Ethiopia? Quite possible now!

Have you ever fancied yourself a man of higher studies? You may opt for a master’s degree online then! You will see that this is a decent way to opt for when you want to study at the highest level of learning and at the same time have sufficient time for yourself to avoid the annoyances of everyday class-attendance. You will be quite pleased to find out that masters degree online will often come down to learning what you would otherwise learn in a regular course and there is no reason for you to shy from what appears to be an excellent opportunity!

With online schools, you can pick yourself a decent degree and excel accordingly! Quite a few students are opting for these institutions of higher learning these days. They are easy, simple and efficient. With online schools you will get yourself a decent foothold in the world of higher learning. It is truly a great way to make a splash in your learning. Do ensure that you are on point with what you want to learn. Online schools will let you choose from quite a few things. You will find yourself in a bunch of good options that you will not want to do away with by any means!

Now is the time for you to explore this brilliant PhD opportunity for students who want to make the most out of their studies. The University of Ethiopia is allowing candidates to apply for the excellent scholarship opportunity.

If you are a resident of the Sub-Sahara Africa, then you may participate in this initiative throughout the 2018 and 2019 academic years.

The DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service) is a publically backed institution, which will help all promising students to advance throughout their study years.

The scholarship will cover a bunch of things:

  • All tuition fees will be covered
  • You will be charged the regular amount of the enrolling fee but you will also be provided with the means to foot them
  • You will be given an allowance
  • You will receive additional injections of funds once every six months
  • There will be funds allocated for accommodation and food;
  • Among others, you will be allowed to have a travel fare allowance

Make sure that you apply by 22 March 2018 in order to be eligible for the application process. Also, you have to be from the Sub-Saharan Africa region.

61 thoughts on “ETB920,000 Fancy a PhD Scholarship in Ethiopia? Quite possible now!

  • if there is any undergraduate schoolarship both in african an europe am interested am a a high school graduate with a standard waec result i lack the finace to further my educatuion now look for schoolarship to study to make my dream come throught am a gambian by nationality

  • ok I say always very interested to apply please give me the form and apply those university in masters degree in one of specialization in civil engineering program

  • hie my name is kennedy from zimbabwe am currently doing my A level .doing history .geo an literature in english which program can i possibly take

  • Hi I am Dr. Hussein Adan interesting in Public Health Master degree may you please help me for I am late from the deadline thanks

  • i am interested to go forward my education in public health masters if you help me please no mater the country is very i am interested

  • I am interested.I want to advance my education.If you don\’t mind i want to do Histopathology in Kenya

  • I\’m an undergraduate student in Ghana and will graduate next year God willing. please I need a scholarship to study geography.

  • My name is FRANK W MSAWILE from Tanzania i am studying at MBEYA UNIVERSITY OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY (BACHELOR OF EDUCATION MACHENICAL ENGINEERING 2ndyear) Iam looking for schorlaship to study on abroad my parent\’s can not afford to pay the University cost due to low economy status.

  • i am talent mushonga from zimbabwe i am currently in my first year of my A level i am kindly asking for a scholarship to study abroad for a bachelor\’s degree in aeronautical engineering i am currently doing pure mathematics physics chemistry and further mathematics

  • This is Yeabsira
    Right now I am over the moon .Thank you very much for choosing me .I hope it all goes well and you will help me get a scholarship.

  • hello, I am from Rwanda and I finished my high school last year 2017 with 67/73 aggregates in PCB(physics,chemistry and biology) , I had good performance despite the hardship ,complicated life and struggles at my home , I would like to ask you for financial support to help me enroll either medicine,pharmacy or general nursing in any university you want as it was my dream since I was young to help the sick people with their illness because my only mom and I can not afford the tuition fee for university, please I beg you to help me make my dreams come true , I am hopeful ., I shall be grateful if you grant me with this scholarship , thank you in advance , I am looking forward to hear from you
    my phone no:0780455933 or 0725581330 and

  • My name is Mary from Tanzania lam studying at Institute of financial manangement( IFM) Dar es salaam Bachelor of science in Acturial science first year. Am looking for scholarship inorder to. Study abroad esppecially London bachelor of Acturial science am poor girl assist me inorder to continous my studies my parents are. Very poor havn\’t any money now the government of Tanzania assist me to pay fees. Please help me. Thanks annd god blessed.And how to get application form?.

  • hello i have a question whoever know the answer please replay me . is this bursary for those who doesn\’t have educational document ?

  • i want to study biochemistry or nursing and i want you to inform if there is any chance of studying one of them

  • Please I accept for pre-university foundation programme in electronic and telecommunications at Cambridge seminars college my class will recume on 25 in England I\’m from Namibia please help me with schoolarship

  • I\’m from Zimbabwe and I\’m looking for an undergraduate degree sponsorship, if there\’s any plz inform me

  • am a Ugandan from a very poor background, supported my self academically and cannot move any further but i wish to meet my dream of being a journalist but want to study out of my country please i need a scholarship


  • I am mohammed yasin from Ethiopia,I am psychiatry nurse(degree)and i want to learn masters degree with the same field and despite i have agood interest todoso ,i couldnot do it do to financial problem please if there us position for student like me please involve me in this scholarship chance ,once again I have 3.4 cgpa when graduated my degree.

  • I osman jabbi is very much in stressed , I need help for this scholarship in order to make my diploma in banking and finance.
    Thanks in advance.

  • I ousman jabbi is very much interested, I need help for this scholarship in order to make my diploma in banking and finance.
    Thanks in advance.

  • My name is Benson Manya Glory. Please I need your assistance in achieving this. I have been seeking for scholarship and I have not been opportune. I will be grateful if my request will be given a due consideration.

  • I need a SCHOLARSHIP from you to do master studies in Good Governance & Regional Integration in the Republic of Cameroon. I hold undergraduate degree in Sociology. I am a resident of Firestone-Liberia

    Thank for your consideration.

  • I\’m Rowee Apoya,16 years of age.I am a dreamer,I dreamed to be a successful lawyer and a business woman someday but due to financial problem it\’s hard for me to reach it..I really wanted to persue my studies I hope you can help me ma\’am and sir.

  • I need a SCHOLARSHIP from you to do PhD studies in veterinary microbiology or public health. I hold master degree in master of veterinary microbiology (MVSC) in Adiss Abeba university.
    Thank for your consideration.

  • I\’m a high school graduate but I don\’t have fund to further my education i need your support in order for me to achieve my dreams. so help me.

  • Hi am Stephanie i need to apply for a masters degree program in anything in public health and microbiology . I offered doctor of pharmacy as my undergraduate degree program. Please help

  • With my wide experience of teaching and research over the past five decades, I am now looking forward to Publishing a standard Textbook on Stemcell Research Innovations and rejuvenation of dying/ dead Cells within the human System. How modifications and scientific alternatives could be consciously adopted towards well being so that the human body can be stretched to the utmost benefit of at least one hundred years of existence. In this kind of functional research and publication of a Textbook for Medics and Paramedics, supporting staff in Hospitals and Nursing Homes, I am looking for a viable Bursary to any University or Laboratory for a period of a minimum of three years. I shall be thankful for receiving support from Knowledgeable sources and assistance from Funding Authorities.

  • i do really appreciate and wish to be enroll as a new student from 2019. please inform me about the new application form.

  • my name is Watson from Vanuatu (pacific island). i was a teacher feathering Economic for almost 5 yeas from now since i was withdrawn from school because of the financial support, i was born in a poor family having dreams for scholarship program. Please allow me an over to be part of a Bursary Scholarship in-order to upgrade my education especially to help my country as useful resources in the near future.

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