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A Postgraduate Study Opportunity at Kingston in London – Bursary Scholarship.Info

A Postgraduate Study Opportunity at Kingston in London

An online bachelor degree is really something you may want to consider. Let’s say that you are now on the cusp of applying and you want to see what your options are. A Bachelor degree may be an expensive affair and as such you will do well to make your best and see how you can balance between expenses and living costs. Education will take a toll on this, especially if you are a self-funding student. Nobody should undergo the gimlet of extra costs for naught.  With an online bachelor degree you can at least partly offset this.

Pick an online degree program if you want to and make sure that there is no end to the things that you can learn to excel into. Yes, the opportunities are quite boundless and you will revel in variety. With an online degree program there is no end to what you can do and you will do well to tap into learning possibilities at full bore, because this is what the educational revolution is. You will be pleased to find yourself with quite a few options out there.

An online degree program will help you work wonders and why would you really bother with anything else when you can get so much out of this?

The Kingston University in London will welcome applicants who want to sign up for the Postgraduate scholarship for 2018/2019. If you are a full-time postgraduate students in any specific area, you will be on the receiving end of this great offer.

Now, the scholarships are open until 23 February 2018 however this scholarship is available every year so far.

The award is quite attractive as well.

Overall, GDP 200,000 are spent on students every year in terms of scholarships. This is not it. Individually students may obtain up to GDP 4,000.

International students will be classified as overseas for tax purposes. You will be quite pleased to find out that the course will start in the fall of 2018, September.

If you want to apply, you will have to note no applications made after the specified deadline will be looked into it. It is only fair and it stands to reason.

You may only apply through the online system though so you will have to be careful about. Make sure to meet the requests as they arise and tackle any bugbear linked to your candidacy.

Remember that the September deadline is by mid-February.

90 thoughts on “A Postgraduate Study Opportunity at Kingston in London

  • Hello,I\’m bachelor\’s degree in anesthesiology;I want To do master in public\’s health. Wich are the conditions?thank you in advance!

  • Hi. I want to apply for a scholarship to study nursing at bachelors level in any EU country.please guide me on how to do that. Thanks

  • Hi Sir/Madam,

    I am a Liberian seeking to foster my career to a master level as a financial Analyst, can this offer be awarded me if I meet up with the criteria set?

  • I am Rwandan seeking a master degree in financial analyst, because i have bachelor degree in accounting. I am sure i fill the criteria.

  • i have tried alot to learn msc in geological science since september. but nothing until today. please help me.

  • Hello my name is Sara, and l praying for a scholaship to do my masters in Human resource management or Business administration. Is it possible to fund them at ESAMI, in my country Uganda, Kind Regards

  • my name is Bonaventure ISEZERANO am Rwandan am 19 years old I wish to have a bachelor\’s degree in communication

  • I want to study mechanical engineering pls I really need to change the way I see today engineers to come up with a better idea pls help me catch up this dream thanks and God bless

  • I am a Cameroonian seeking a masters degree on risk management. I would obtain my bachelor\’s degree on Insurance this August

  • Hi my name is Mesganaw Tesema i am from Ethiopia,i praying for a scholarship to do my degree in automechanics ,but until today,please help me,god bless you

  • i\’m wolde abebe from ethiopia i have bachelor degree in microbiology and master degree in public health and i want to continue to upgrade my skills if i get opportunities like this

  • hello
    i am from Ethiopia the holy land place of lalibela
    i want to get the scholarship in any field because i already take the university entrance exam
    please select me
    with best wishes

  • Am Phanuel Langat from Kenya and desired to pursue actuarial science ,kindly grant me with the opportunity

  • I am Edmond seeking to pursue masters in Monetary and Evaluation. Any assistance would highly appreciated.

  • Hi, thankful for scholarships I am medical doctor from Afghanistan I wish to be a good specialist overseas but I do not have a money I want to be a good specialist, Thanksgiving dearest staff+93791644641

  •  my name is Ataguade Mekonne from Ethiopia which is one of the developing country’s in our world, and i ‘m interested in getting scholarship in Related to health program i have BSC in Clinical Nursing, and also Master/ MPH in public health nutrition would help me to get the opportunity for the full funded PhD scholarships in any country.
    Thanks for your consideration.

  • Hi there, this application request from Kingston in London is posted now, in May,2018 while the deadline for applications is by 23 February, 2018. Why posting now?

  • Good day,
    I am really in need of a full scholarship to pursue an LLM in international trade law (or shipping /admiralty law) in any university in the UK or USA. I need the channels to follow and the contact email address of the supposed university. I hold a Bachelor with Honors in English language and English literature and also an LLB (bachelor of laws). I am to enroll at the law school here in Sierra Leone, but will be pleased to go for an LLM and later pursue the Bar final exams.
    wishing to hearing from you soon.


  • I am an Ethiopian seeking to foster my career to a master level as a natural resources manager, can this offer be awarded me if I meet up with the criteria set?. i have degree in Natural resources management in Agriculture.

  • Hi
    I am very glad ,because this program can help me to continue my study in economical science. I want your help who\’s can help me to continue my study abroad

  • Hi I\’m Mazwi Nsele i completed my matric last year but i didn\’t afford to continue with my studies because I\’m struggling in financial .
    now i need help i want to study Electrical Engineering to any institution college/University.
    Thank you God bless you

  • hello, my name is shambel yirga from Ethiopia (i.e.Africa).i have BSc degree in electrical and electronics engineering technology but i need further education regarding full fund scholarship.

  • my name dawit utalo best opportunity for poor country ;so that please i want this scholarship…….. am waiting your response in areas of public heath post graduate.

  • Please I am Kono Yaw Richmond I am Ghanaian I want to further my education in the University to do my Degree so please accept my plead for I don\’t any support.
    Thank you.

  • Hello, everyone,
    My name is Jacinto Luis from Mozambique I want to do my MA degree in education area. I am wating for your call.
    best regards-.

  • Again, I would like to be a member of your instituton, but I do not have enough conditions to study please see what you can do for me in terms of this scholarship.
    Best regards,
    Jacinto Luis.

  • Hi! I am from Sierra Leone and I\’m seeking for help for me to gain a scholarship and I will be so delighted if the lord choose you to make me attain scholarship because I know there are people with good heart who are there to give great opportunities and to make others dreams come true. MAY THE LORD BLESS YOU FOR READING.

  • my name is Ermias Fuche from Ethiopia which is one of the developing country’s in our world, and i ‘m interested in getting scholarship in psychology program i have BA degree psychology from bahir dar university funded MA scholarships in any country.
    Thanks for your consideration.

  • Hello, am a senior secondary school principal in a large rural boarding school with my 41 teachers.
    Papua New Guinea is a developing country and really wanted to upgrade my qualification with masters in education.

    I should appreciate you with PNG gifts if am accepted.

    Thank you

  • Hellow madam/sir..

    Am a Tanzanian awaiting to be granted scholarship on degree of medicine …
    Am kindly hope for a positive response

  • hello am saviour alema an electrician would like to do diploma in electrical engineering
    any help given shall be appreciated

  • Hi I am a Liberian with BSc in Chemistry
    Seeking master in chemical engineering, can I receive full funded scholarship?

  • I am musbahu Ibrahim from nigeria. I read B. sc chemistry and I need scholarship in any excellent university at any country
    Thank you

  • Hello- my name is Yordanos and I am from Ethiopia. I have a computer science 1st degree from a private collage here in Addis, so what suggestions I get to add up in my acadamics?

  • It has been always be my dream to study abroad? I will be very glad if this opportunity is been given to me
    thanks, yours faithfully thanks and God bless

  • Hi, I\’m Ahmed Abdi Ismail live in Ethiopia.
    as the matter of fact, this golden chance is my dream.
    please, help me and give it to me by using your own humanitarian and personality.

    get on me this phone: +251938696378.

  • hello , my name is shambel yirga i have BSc degree in electrical and electronics technology engineering . please , i want to achive my MSc furtheir…


  • Please I want to study medical laboratory in one of the EU country’s with your scholarship.please I need your guide

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