Abel Visiting Scholarship – Program for Mathematicians in 2018

Online universities are trending, and trending well. You will notice that there is a cohort of student that are now quite happy to enrol into these institutions. Happy to know that solutions abound, you may find yourself at a point where everyone will help you progress. This is one of the strong points of these institutions. Of course, online universities are quite popular and you will be pleased if you decide to choose for this e-learning option. Better yet, some bodies are now going for certification, meaning they are recognised as mainstream universities, but still operating on the territory of the country!

If you want to learn about the alternatives, you will have to check out college education online. With this e-learning method you will be learning the rather rudimentary aspects of education, but that is not too bad! You will have plenty of options to settle your learning and to balance your lifestyle. It is truly a decent options for busy people. College education online will also help individuals who want to cover some of the basics that may have otherwise been missed. There is a lot to go by that and you will be extremely pleased with the abundancy of reliable study choices you have.

If you feel like taking up a challenge, you will do well to pay attention to the Niels Henrik Abel Board and the International Mathematical Union. These two institutions will quite readily extend generous scholarships to people from developing countries.

There are scholarships every year, and you may expect up to three scholarships every year.

You will be advised to go through what the award is worth:

  • You are entitled to $1,200 every month;
  • You will have travel allowance;
  • You will be entitled to other benefits such as basic health insurance;
  • Basic living costs will also be included in this

Other costs are also included, such as living expenses.

Now, let’s see when a candidate is eligible:

  • You will need to hold a PhD in Maths;
  • You will have to be based/hail from a developing country;
  • You will have to be under the age of 40;
  • Applications from women mathematicians are welcomed and will be given slight preference

This is a great opportunity and one that you may apply for by 1 April, 31 August or 31 December! With such a neat little deadline, you will be quite pleased to see yourself propel your research career at full bore.

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