Want to study PhD at Louvain in Belgium? Now is your chance!

Now, consider an online associate degree. With an online associate degree, you will find yourself quite the savant! This learning degree is quite handful if you are too busy to go full hog on the learning thing. We understand that a handful of you are stuck in their job and you are busy excelling. Well the online associate degree is precisely what you need and you will do well to obtain one as soon as you think you have some time to spend learning on your own!

There are many institutions which ca offer you such services. For example, you may go to an online school. Moreover, when we say go we just mean that you can visit it and check their services and offers. Prices are not too bad. You will be quite happy to find a way to advance your studies and this is one of the many. Other similar institutions have been operating on the market in the hopes of satisfying your learning needs.

If the online school is one of the most popular ones, it does not mean it’s the sole solution to all your needs. You will be well-pleased to find out about the mainstream options as well!

The University of Louvain in Belgium now has some decent PhD offers for knowledge-hungry students and those who are capable to contribute in the way of research without fearing for a moment that their efforts will come a cropper or they will not have the proper background to carry out their research in full!

The award will guarantee you that you may study up to 36 months and you will also be offered some travel expenses.

Ideally, the candidates will have to fulfil several requirements:

  • They will have to be from a developing country;
  • They will have to be endorsed by at least one UCL faculty member;
  • They will need to have been accepted by the PhD committee which will deliberate on the merit of the candidacy in the bid to determine whether it is suitable for the needs of the university as such.

Developing country citizens who want to apply may do so but if you are linked to Belgium in any conceivable way, you will be denied an entry. The deadline is 30 March 2018.

You may seek additional information at Christian.duquey@uclouvain.be.

52 thoughts on “Want to study PhD at Louvain in Belgium? Now is your chance!

  • i am in need of a scholarship in applied human nutrition but am financially handicapped, can get an offer here?

  • i need a scholarship for MS PSYCHOLOGY PLEASE accommodate me as a dent i have done my msc psychology with a grade and please tell me that how i can apply for it?

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  • Thanks for the opportunity. I am highly motivated because this offer fits with my vision to pursue a PhD in international development. I shall be defending an MBA in Project management from PAID-WA (Pan African institute for Development West Africa) Buea Cameroon. I will highly appreciate your consideration for the scholarship.

  • I am a b pharmacy student I need a scholarship for paying my academic fees I have very poor economic background so I request u to give a offersir/madam for my financial problems which will help for my further studies.

  • Will like to seek for scholarship for masters in human resource management. Will appreciate it if am been giving the opportunity. Thanks

  • I waited for this chance whole of my life. It has been my dream of all times to win an opportunity to study abroad. Please I need your support and approval. Thanks.

  • Am kindly requesting for a scholarship in law or human rights to continue with my education if granted I will be very greatful thank you very much kindly requesting for your help

  • I would be glad if am considered as part of this offer am kindly requesting for a scholarship in IT (Information Technology ) to continue with my education I will be very grateful thank you very much kindly requesting for your help

  • Am Abdulyekeen O.Al-ameen, 29yrs. i hereby apply for the scholarship under your management control to study my first degree at Oversea University, my interest course is : International relation/Arabic language, i will like my scholarship to cover FULL TIME study not online because of my FINANCIAL PROBLEM.

  • I want home study program im pwd in.my country Philippines,looking for sponsor in masteral theology

  • I am a burundian journalist who has fled to Uganda since 2015. I got my masters\’ degree at University of Burundi-CHAIRE UNESCO, and I need if possible schoolarship in PHD, Investigative journalism or please look for me a job because I am in critical life conditions with my family.
    Elidad KABURA

  • Hello sir /madam,
    Am by name Wetungu Joseph from Uganda am an o\’level leaver due to luck of fees to continue with my studies and I don\’t have to continue Iwish you can render me this opportunity to get the dream of my well being.

  • im too glad with this offer……Iam Robe Kudama from Ethiopia,Iam qualified with BSC civil engineering so by this offer Iwant to study my MSC.Iam very interesting with this offer please and pleasehelp me..

  • Very interested in your help i want to study computer engineering as first priority or Electrical engineering.

  • I have been looking for this opportunity, so that i can study abroad kindly consider me in your scholarship in Business Admnistration.Looking forward to hearing a favourable response.

  • Hello ,I’m Rahwa from Ethiopia and I really want bachelor scholarship in USA or Canada university as international students and please help me how to apply in there ,thanks

  • hello my name is faith kunda from zambia i would like to study DOCTORATE and am in need of a full scholarship would realy appreciate if i will be give an opportunity to make my dream come true

  • Hi, I am Sonia Fadia, a simple student who intends to study Accounting. I will be very happy if i am granted the scholarship to study at your institute.

  • I am a student pursuing a degree in telecommunications, can i get a scholarship because i am having financial problems which make me to defer my studies regularly.

  • I am Eunice Ocran-Koomson from Ghana. Due to financial problem I am thinking of how to go to the university. Please help me get a scholarship to study Human Biology. Thank you

  • I am Justice Philip Kwaku Ampofo, I read BA Social Studies from the University of Education, Winneba in Ghana. I am in need of scholarship to do my Masters program in Belgium. Please help me out.
    Kind regards

  • Hello,,,! i am Sumayyah sani from Nigeria, i would like to study BSC in Nursing, i wll be very happi if am granted wit d scholarship…Thanks

  • to be honest i am from poor family i dont have enough money to commence my higher study i will be glad if you will provide me such scholarship for my BE degree

  • I am Atwiine Judith from Uganda due to financial problems am thinking hw to continue with studies at University if u can help me continue in my studies please.

  • I\’m sithembiso from SA I need scholarship to study my course hospitality at Africa next year I want to start January 2019 please help me

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