Grab the International Postgraduate Master Scholarship in Ghana!

A distance learning program is what will keep you going at any one point. You will have quite a bit to obtain. With these little devices, a distance learning program comes as quite the handy solution to your learning blues. Rest assured that there is a lot of gain by opting for the comfort of your own home. You will certainly miss on a few opportunities to miss people, but as you are studying from there, you can certainly gain some practical experience at work. It is important to manage well between your time – both for studying and work and over time, you will be better placed than competitors, which will give you a solid advantage over your peers.

With associate degrees online, you have already passed through the rigours of normal, everyday learning, but it doesn’t mean that you should stop there. You are certainly busy and you may need some extra time or time off work – well no more! Associate degrees online will sort you right there. You will no longer have to fret over whether you can or cannot pull learning and working at the same time – the plain truth is you can and there is simply no stopping you!

If you are looking for an opportunity to study in a great place and learn the ropes of the medical profession, you may need to apply for the one-year Master’s course at the Public Health University of Ghana.

There certainly a lot you can do to ease the burden of study, and one great way to do so is to apply for one of the ten scholarships now available.

You will be quite pleased yourself when you enrol with the financial heft in the 2018/2019 academic year. Do bear in mind that there are some challenges on the road ahead, and you will need to exercise due diligence if you want to make a meaningful splash in the big pool of education. There is hardly an issue you can avoid for too long, so we recommend you to batten down the hatches and go boldly ahead.


  • The scholarship will cover your basic medical expenses if any;
  • Students will be allowed basic travel fare expenditures;
  • You will receive monthly living expenses;
  • Accommodation and living costs may also be featured.

All eligible candidates should come from the WHO African Region. Bear in mind that you have time to apply by tomorrow, 2 March 2018!

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