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$2,500 from the English Pathway Studies Scholarship – Bursary Scholarship.Info

$2,500 from the English Pathway Studies Scholarship

Online education is really helpful when it comes to advancing the cause for learning. E-learning has been reshaping the landscape and this is a great way for you to advance your own cause. Yes, by going after online education you may quite effortlessly knock some of the costs of education off and establish yourself as an individual of merit and prescience. Many people now are probing for alternatives when it comes to how they learn. Nobody would rule out the unparalleled importance of mainstream institutions. However, there is plenty to gain from signing up for online classes.

And you may also explore the online associate degrees. They allow you to save quite a lot of time from going to and from the classroom. By opting for these alternatives to traditional learning methods, you will find yourself at the front of education – and that is just brilliant by any reasonable account. On top of everything else, online associate degrees are increasingly recognized the world over and you will not need to worry about a thing when it comes to advancing your professional and academic life.

If you are interested in great learning opportunities, you will see yourself readily applying for the Bond University. This programme is available for the English for Academic Purposes (EAP) initiative and it encompasses both 2018 and 2019.

The English scholarship is not particularly expensive. It will contribute $2,500 which is definitely not a negligible sum of money and one that you would like to add to your own learning efforts, so take heart and push forth!

In order to be considered for this excellent scholarship, however, you will need to apply for Bond University through the institutions application form. You may go after a Master of Psychology or study Medicine or even Physiotherapy that is quite the array of choices you have there!

There are several application deadlines. You may have missed the first one for the May session set for 26 January but worry not. The other two deadlines are quite generous as such and you will not have to fret over it.

The next deadline is 25 May and it applies for September 2018 when the studies will begin afresh. Lastly, you may apply until 21 September if you are planning to start in the January semester in 2019. Quite honestly, there is a wide array of choices which you will find quite pleasing and satisfying.

11 thoughts on “$2,500 from the English Pathway Studies Scholarship

  • I wish to study Metric English or Phonology in English or Teaching English as a Second Language at the Ph.D level by September 21st, 2018. The choice of study is done hierarchically. Thank You so much.

  • Hi, I am a Bachelor of arts graduate and I also attained a diploma in International Communication Diplomacy and NGO studies looking for an opportunityto undertake an English masters that is fully funded.

  • Hay! Dear Sir/Madam, My name Anley Mnuye I am from ETHIOPIA, I have bachelor degree in Pharmacy, and I need master degree in Pharmacy I will need to study in your university .
    phone number ; +251923783354
    Best regards
    Anley Mnuye

  • Thank you people for granting me this chance but the problem is how to recieve this money.hint me about it please

  • I am A2 certificate in physics,chemistry & biology and i want to continue my studies in bachelor\’s degree in faculties of medicine or other related health sciences but i am financially weak & i appreciate it will be great to receive support from you!. Hope to hear from you soon

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