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Time to Pick Three Swiss Scholarships in 2018! – Bursary Scholarship.Info

Time to Pick Three Swiss Scholarships in 2018!

Have you heard of an associate degree online? If you have not nobody can fault you. However, we would be at fault if we have not informed you about the great little asset that any struggling or aspiring, or even accomplished student, may want to add to their portfolio. The associate degree online is one of a kind and it will help you get a foothold in academia when you do not have the time to commit to your studies entirely. The positive side of carrying out similar studies is that you will never need to trouble yourself and stress yourself over time – you rotate and shift your studies around as you please.

An online college degree does help when it comes to both finding a job and advancing your personal set of knowledge. We appreciate this and so should you. With an online college degree you can apply for any job that corresponds to your competences. Not only that, but if you study remotely, you will have time to do proper job hunting or and to invest more time into this, as you will not be bogged down by travelling every day. Commutes can really eat into your time for learning.

If you are looking for the highest level of learning, you will be pleased to know that the University Research Priority Program (URPP) Language and Space at the University of Zurich is quite happily accepting new PhD students who want to excel in science and academia.

The admission is extended by 1 September 2018 so that will provide you with plenty of time to do your best and make sure that you stay on top of your game! The duration of the employment is fixed for two years, but if decent results are being obtained, then an extension is quite possible.

Let’s have a look at this offer:

  • Researchers will be allowed to study at the University of Zurich;
  • The URPP Language and Space offers outstanding working conditions which will provide you with a set of innovative learning and researching practices

Still, in order to be eligible for the application, all fellows will need to have a PhD in a linguistic-related discipline. If you love language and if you like to dabble into the subtleties of the written world, you may find this offer quite fit for you indeed.

You can choose from a number of languages, including German, Slavic, English and even Sinology!

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