A Slew of Scholarships (400-500) at Mahidol University

Distance learning is one of the most popular ways of instruction out there these days. It is quite liberating in the sense that students are now longer tethered down to some stuffy room and they do not have to fret over the costs and expenses. No more shall you have to personally address debasing issues such as how to make both ends meet. Distance learning is not always cheap, but it is on point when it comes to the materials taught. Surely, you suffer a bit from not being able to bounce ideas off your peers, but that is still a small price to pay comparing to the exorbitant sums that you would be otherwise forced to foot.

With online college classes, you may have similar effects. You will see yourself quite satisfied with the array of options out there and you will not want to opt for any other sort of learning as soon as you have completed your first round of online college classes. The possibilities are boundless and thankfully people today may choose from quite the host of options when it comes to advancing their academic and professional lives. The e-learning revolution has begun, and people are now quickly piling on.

The Mahidol University is one of the foremost bodies of research in the world and one of the best institutions in the world when it comes to research. You will be able to choose from a variety of fields, including Science and Technology, Medical Science, Public Health, Social Sciences, Humanities, and even the Liberal Arts.

If you want to choose something worth-it, you may pick Linguistics, Culture, or even Education. But that does not quite settle the deal. You will also have Environment and Natural Resource.

There are 50 full scholarships and 450 partial scholarships. This abundancy of scholarships is quite pleasing and appealing and you will not find yourself in a shortage of learning options, so plow ahead boldly!

The scholarships will be awarded in exchange of varying GDP 3.25 and 3.50, based on the scholarship you are after.

There are two application deadlines and you will have to apply 2 days in advance, at least! Therefore, the deadline is 9 March but we strongly advise all candidates to have prepared all documents, and submitted those by 7 March, as this is likely to have the most desirable effects.

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