HRK 1,800 Monthly to Study in Croatia

Distance learning programs are now gaining popularity. This is quite understandable and when you first try to learn via the Internet may be a tad absent-minded. But it will take you some training and soon enough you will be breezing through all the pesky little annoyances and distractions that have been piling on and leading you astray. Learning from one’s home is quite possible. Distance learning programs have been proven to work successfully with a number of pupils and these results must not be overlooked so easily. There is a good chance distance learning programs will work out for you as well.

If you want to gain something substantial you can always obtain a distance learning degree which will prove to your peers that you are a truly helpful individual who is capable of tackling the hardest, most difficult and pressing issues both in your professional and personal life. Still, some people may be a bit reluctant to admit that a distance learning degree is quite useful in a number of its iterations. With a distance learning degree, you will be quite the respected young professional and you will certainly stand out in any CV.

Croatia is not a tiny speck of country. Not exactly and definitely not where its academia is concerned. You will find yourself pleased to know that there is a lot you can gain from being enrolled at a college at this country.

The Republic of Croatia is now working jointly with the Ministry of Science and Education and it is looking to advance the cause of a number of young and promising academics who want to benefit from the excellent scholarships offered for the 2018 academic session.

This is for foreign students as well as professors. There is something for everyone who wants academic merit in Croatia. The solutions will come one after another and you will want to be part of this big happy family of the learning fraternity in the country.

The deadline extends until 16 March 2018. The scholarships are also available for all levels of study, including undergraduate, graduate and PhD, which rounds it up nicely.

There are a fair number of different scholarships to choose from, so we advise that you peruse the details in person and carefully.

If you want to apply, you will have to submit documents either in Croatian or English and await for decision.

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