ISC2 Information Security Women Scholarship For Gifted Young Ladies

An online university will really help you get things going these days. You will plunge into the thick of studying and you will be able to access quite a few learning options like this. With these new revolutionary platforms that have come around in recent years, you will find yourself looking for even more studies. Why? Because you simply won’t spend time on things that barely interest you. Do you remember when you had to travel all over the place to just be somewhere? Well, these days are gone and you ought not to worry. An online university will help you sort out many of the unnecessary annoyances.

You will also find that such an institutions will quite happily and quite readily at that offer you an online masters degree. Of course, obtaining one may seem easy because it is done over the Internet, but if you want to be a graduate, you will have to do some real hard work. You will get an online masters degree as soon you apply and put enough work into it to earn this distinction. Do not drop the educational ball and keep trying to excel. You stand a lot to gain when it comes to that.

You may not be in a hurry, but you better hurry up! The Centre for Cyber Safety and Education is now quite happily preparing its list of successful new beneficiaries of its excellent scholarship programme! You think you are in luck? Yes you are! The only foible is that the deadline is today 1 March 2018!

Luckily for you, this scholarship runs every year. Better still, you don’t have to present much documents to apply, so if you have been applying for other candidacies, you may already find some of what you need in the paper of red tape.

It is definitely worth to try this, as it is quite the nice little scholarship of $5,000. The Cyber-Secure Manufacturing MSc and Cyber Defence & Information Assurance MSc. There are other programmes you want to explore – Cyberspace Operations MSc. Information Capability Management is a scholarship programme. Digital Forensics is also part of the offer you may apply for.

If you have been already enrolled at the university, all you need to do is submit a transcript of your studies. It need not be an official one, which makes this application quite useful! You will need a letter of recommendation. If you can get hold of a professor, you can still manage.

3 thoughts on “ISC2 Information Security Women Scholarship For Gifted Young Ladies

  • my name is oumayma gabsi im tunisanI am 22 years old and i am looking for a burse and scholarship, interested in studying a master in computer science
    thanks for an advance

  • Iam Olando Obanda Jackie a Ugandan by National and looking for a scholarship in ghana and I want to major in social work or Humanitarian Aid.

  • I am Truphena Awuor okello….i am kindly looking for a free scholarship to do a diploma course in public health.Am kenyan.looking forward to hear from you.Thank you

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